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First Bucket list challenge ticked. Prepared with money and sweaty betty outfit on, I (Rosie) left Lylie to attend my first yoga sesh. I arrived at the most beautiful building feeling positive and excited about the class. Two minutes in it became clear this was probably going to be the most torturous hour and a half of my life. I had arrived thinking I was attending the English beginners class. I couldn’t have been more wrong ‘rocket 2’ was the name of the class and it sure lived up to its name. SUPER hot and SUPER quick…and all in Italian. (turns out it was for the semi-professional kind) Couldn’t even prove to the Italian stallions around me (in their suction tight shorts and bizarre tattoos) that I had actually done yoga before because every time I attempted to stun them with my immaculate down dog pose my hands slipped to the end of my mat and I fell flat on my face. In the end the teacher, so fed up with my slipping and sliding lent me her porous, sweat proof, ultra pro mat so at least I could do one pose properly in every 50. It was, well, an experience…the men and women were doing poses I didn’t even know were physically possible the right way up let alone upside down. I will make sure I get the day right for the beginners class next time…

Its Yoga Firenze 21 Via de Bardai



Like on most people’s first day of ‘work’ I made sure I left plenty of time for my first day at Charles Cecil, marking what area and street I was going to. All going well, I got to ‘Borgo San Frediano’ – the street about 20 minutes early so grabbed a marmalade pastry (that deserves a blog post on its own) to kill some time. Then when i looked up to find the street number, I was confronted with not just one house number but two, a red and a black one. ummmm. I tried to find the red ’68’ number first, ending up at a huge iron gate 10 minutes walk away, not quite the ‘rustic, inconspicious’ door Lylie had described the studio to be.  Thankfully I met other people who had also taken the red gamble and not the black so I wasn’t the only one to be 10 minutes late… Intrigued by this double standard of street numbering I did a wee bit of research. So traditionally, the black numbers were meant for residences, while red numbers marked commercial premises such as shops or other businesses. This style of numbering is only in Florence apparently.